P I C O accessories

Pico is a Danish jewellery and accessory company founded by owner Anne-Marie Pico. The first Pico shop opened back in 2004 in Østerbro, Copenhagen. After a successful year Pico moved to larger facilities in Østerbro, where they are still located today. In 2009 they opened their second shop in Grønnegade, centre of Copenhagen.

In fall 2013 Pico reconstructed their website with the focus on improving their web shop, furthermore they created a blog with the purpose to inspire the customers. At the blog you can follow Pico’s daily routines, work procedure and get inspiration on how to style the jewellery and accessories.       

All of our jewellery and accessories are Anne-Marie Pico’s own design. Our goldsmith at our workshop in Østerbro produces the jewellery, while our other accessories such as scarves, hair accessories, purses and ballerina shoes are produced globally. The material of Pico jewellery is primarily gold-plated silver and brass. None of our jewellery holds nickel.

Jewelleries and accessories are an important part of peoples styling and look today. It is very individual what kind of pieces people wear and how often it is worn. Pico’s designs and prices make it possible to own a ‘walk in closet’ of jewelleries and accessories in quality materials making it easy to renew your look along with the trend.  

Pico is a true Mecca of bright colours and trendy accessories.

PICO Afrika øreringe
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PICO ananas hårspænde - Smaragd
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PICO Blad spænde glimmer blomme
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PICO Flæse elastik
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PICO flæse scrunchies
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PICO hårbånd - Guld fjer
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PICO hårbånd metallic - Smaragd
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PICO Krystal blad spænde babypink
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PICO Leafy spænde rosa
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PICO lotus hair clip - Mother of pearl
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PICO Satin hårbånd
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PICO Scrunchie med guld prikker
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