L:A BRUKET is a skincare brand hailing from the western coast of Sweden. The strong relationship the people who call that place home have with nature, along with their traditions, inspired our range of products and treatments that use a combination of the best ingredients from nature to deliver the best results for your body and skin.

Founded in the coastal way of life people here have lived for centuries, we at L:A BRUKET understand that living and thriving along the coastline is based on a respect for nature and the ability to adapt. Allowing yourself to be shaped and moulded by this relationship results in solutions that meet the demands of this modern life but also respect and work with nature, rather than against it.

Working with nature is another principal that guides our brand as we constantly strive to find the best combinations of natural and organic ingredients from land and sea. Water, salt and seaweed are core building blocks that ensure each and every product delivers the nourishment your body and skin need to withstand coastal, and urban living today. Constantly looking for new combinations and products, we are committed to sharing what is in each of our products in order to achieve uncompromising results.

These results are another guiding principal, as it means we are committed to making all aspects of our products and treatments functional. Coming from a coastal way of life, leaves no room to cut corners. Starting with the desired result, we control the quality and design from the product development to packaging, as we believe every aspect of our brand serves a purpose.

These three principals are what underline our brand, and like the coastline remain a constant for L:A BRUKET. We hope they are for you too.
L:A BRUKET BODY OIL - Wild rose - Smaragd
Sale price 199,00 kr Regular price 249,00 kr Sale
L:A BRUKET BODYOIL - Salvie/Rosmarin/Lavendel - Smaragd
Sale price 199,00 kr Regular price 249,00 kr Sale
L:A BRUKET Clay mask - Detoxifyring - Smaragd
Sale price 99,00 kr Regular price 200,00 kr SaleSold Out
L:A BRUKET Face toner - Chamomile/Bergamot - Smaragd
Sale price 79,00 kr Regular price 149,00 kr Sale
L:A BRUKET Foot creme - Thyme/Majoram - Smaragd
Sale price 120,00 kr Regular price 159,00 kr Sale
L:A BRUKET fugtgivende læbepomade med bivoks - Smaragd
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L:A BRUKET fugtgivende og nærende ansigtscreme - Smaragd
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L:A BRUKET håndcreme mod tør hud - Bagamot/Patchouli - Smaragd
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L:A BRUKET håndcreme mod tør hud - Lemongrass 250 ml - Smaragd
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L:A BRUKET scented soy candle - Tabac - Smaragd
Sale price 299,00 kr Regular price 399,00 kr Sale